Building a Send Basket feature in Dynamicweb CMS

This post breaks down a functionality which can send the content of a shopping cart, a basket as an e-mail. The functionality was build using Razor (C#), AJAX and JSON on top of a Dynamicweb content management system. The idea The customer has an eCommerce website where people add items to a basket. Sometimes the Continue reading

The perfect tool for reference search and snippets?

Development involves using a lot of tools, apis, methods and documentation for such items is often found using your friend Google Search. Today I have seen a very cool tool for Mac OSX. Its called Dash, and its a free app found in the App store. You can install the Dash app from the App Continue reading

Wish for 2013: Let there be more HTML5 apps

One the things I hope for 2013 is to see more HTML5 based apps. As HTML5 evolves I hope that the features found in HTML5 based apps will make the developers prefer HTML5 more than native apps. A little history – the Flash epoch I have never been a fan of Flash but I acknowledge Continue reading

Share, share, share – – now with powerfull embed option

If you are developing for the web you should know about It is a very powerful website which lets you test and share webpages using only a browser. With you can even embed the code you are developing in a blog post like this one. So here goes, a simple example where you Continue reading

Test: jQSlickWrap jQuery plugin–wrapping text around irregular shapes

I think that it can look great if text flows around irregular shapes. Something which have been possibel for years on DTP (Desktop Publishing). We are getting the same effect here on the internet soon when CSS3 regions will be ready for release.   I have found and testet a jQuery plugin which in a Continue reading


Dette er det første indlæg hvor jeg kort beskriver noget jeg har været involveret i. Grunden er at jeg generelt glemmer at få kommunikeret hvad jeg egentlig går og laver i mit professionelle hverv. Jeg håber at kunne poste løbende eksempler på hvad jeg har gået og lavet. fra fødevareministeriet.   Slider i top Continue reading

jQuery trigger() will not always fire naturally-occurring event

If you want to trigger (fire) an event on say a link with id=test from jQuery you can use the jQuery(‘#test’).trigger(‘click’) which will simulate that a click event has occured and will execute any jQuery attached events. This is fine, but what if you have not assigned an jQuery event handler? You can simply call Continue reading

Function: loadscripts(aScripts, callWhenFinished) – Loading scripts syncron

Sometimes you need to load some javascripts in a syncron way and then when they have loaded do something. This is exactly what I try to address with this function. It requires jQuery. It will take an array of URLs to the scripts (aScripts) you want to load-and-execute. After it has finished with that it Continue reading