The perfect tool for reference search and snippets?

Development involves using a lot of tools, apis, methods and documentation for such items is often found using your friend Google Search. Today I have seen a very cool tool for Mac OSX. Its called Dash, and its a free app found in the App store. You can install the Dash app from the App Continue reading

Share, share, share – – now with powerfull embed option

If you are developing for the web you should know about It is a very powerful website which lets you test and share webpages using only a browser. With you can even embed the code you are developing in a blog post like this one. So here goes, a simple example where you Continue reading

Snippet: Javascript – Extend Object with toParams()

Often you need to do AJAX XHR calls, where you send information to a webserver to get information back. This snippet will extend Object with a method toParams() which will return a string ready for sending to a webserver. 1: Object.prototype.toParams=function () { 2: var sParams=”; 3: for(a in this) { 4: var val=this[a]; 5: Continue reading

Function: loadscripts(aScripts, callWhenFinished) – Loading scripts syncron

Sometimes you need to load some javascripts in a syncron way and then when they have loaded do something. This is exactly what I try to address with this function. It requires jQuery. It will take an array of URLs to the scripts (aScripts) you want to load-and-execute. After it has finished with that it Continue reading

Dynamicweb afsnits tekst editor – skabeloner og hvordan man anvender dem

Nu er der en visual studio code snippet til at lave templates (skabeloner) til Dynamicweb paragraph text editor og en god guide (på engelsk) som gennemgår installation og med et eksempel. Så nu er det bare at huske det når man implementerer Dynamicweb løsninger! :-) Code snippet for creating template for the #dynamicweb paragraph texteditor Continue reading

SyntaxHighlighter: Getting syntax highlighting feature here, there and everywhere – including on your blog…

Tonight as I am preparing the setup of a new Dynamicweb related blog ( I came across “SyntaxHightlighter” an open source Javascript client side code highlighter – I think that it is cool! So here is a short description of it so that you may start using it yourself. Install plug-in on your wordpress blog Continue reading

Improvements in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, from a frontend webdevelopers point of view, part 1: javascript

Sometimes I have wondered just what the h**l they were thinking over at Microsoft: their flagship development tool just didn’t perform and deliver what you would expect from a tool of that caliber. That was before the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VS 2010)! I will try to write about features in VS 2010 which makes Continue reading