The perfect tool for reference search and snippets?

Development involves using a lot of tools, apis, methods and documentation for such items is often found using your friend Google Search. Today I have seen a very cool tool for Mac OSX. Its called Dash, and its a free app found in the App store. You can install the Dash app from the App Continue reading


Dette er det første indlæg hvor jeg kort beskriver noget jeg har været involveret i. Grunden er at jeg generelt glemmer at få kommunikeret hvad jeg egentlig går og laver i mit professionelle hverv. Jeg håber at kunne poste løbende eksempler på hvad jeg har gået og lavet. fra fødevareministeriet.   Slider i top Continue reading

Controling styles for individual websites by adding extra classes to HTML tag

When working with CMS like Dynamicweb or Syncron VIA, you sometimes share stylesheet files across domains or subdomains. It makes sense to share common CSS codes when you want to some some common styles like fonts, colours or logos.   The same styles… almost… It is also common that some small differences exists on subdomains, Continue reading

How to add entities to XSLT templates

When you work with XSLT you sometimes need special characters like “«” and “»”. You can define “entities” which can then be used in the document. Here is how:   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!DOCTYPE xsl:stylesheet [ <!ENTITY laquo "&#171;"> <!ENTITY raquo "&#187;"> <!ENTITY hellip "&#8230;"> ]> <xsl:stylesheet… You add the lines marked above. They defined Continue reading

Improvements in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, from a frontend webdevelopers point of view, part 1: javascript

Sometimes I have wondered just what the h**l they were thinking over at Microsoft: their flagship development tool just didn’t perform and deliver what you would expect from a tool of that caliber. That was before the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VS 2010)! I will try to write about features in VS 2010 which makes Continue reading