The perfect tool for reference search and snippets?

Development involves using a lot of tools, apis, methods and documentation for such items is often found using your friend Google Search. Today I have seen a very cool tool for Mac OSX. Its called Dash, and its a free app found in the App store. You can install the Dash app from the App Continue reading

Wish for 2013: Let there be more HTML5 apps

One the things I hope for 2013 is to see more HTML5 based apps. As HTML5 evolves I hope that the features found in HTML5 based apps will make the developers prefer HTML5 more than native apps. A little history – the Flash epoch I have never been a fan of Flash but I acknowledge Continue reading

New on Mac: Create service “Open in Sublime text”

When you are new on the mac and come from say windows there actually are some things which you have gotten used to on the old system, which you will miss on your new OS. One of those features is “Open with…” when you right click on a windows based system. Open folder/file in my Continue reading

Just bought a Mac? The jing of Mac OSX – screenshoots and easy sharing

On the Windows platform I was very fond of Jing (, it is an easy to program which allows you to quickly take screenshoots or videoes, comment on them and share or save in a few steps. Very handy also at my work to document something to a client. And it is free! On the Continue reading