Test: jQSlickWrap jQuery plugin–wrapping text around irregular shapes

I think that it can look great if text flows around irregular shapes. Something which have been possibel for years on DTP (Desktop Publishing). We are getting the same effect here on the internet soon when CSS3 regions will be ready for release.   I have found and testet a jQuery plugin which in a Continue reading

Introducing “Xara Designer Pro 7”, all you need to work with graphics!

Xara is the name of a British company which has been living in the shadow of Adobe for many years with its all-in-one graphics application. This version has been around since ARM was a custom chip running a desktop computer called Acorn Risc PC. Perhaps this is a good thing to relate to, as ARM Continue reading

How to avoid text being converted to graphics

In Xara Web Designer (XWD) you create designs/layouts using a vector based drawing program. You can add textareas, images, buttons, navigation and other web related elements. XWD automatically creates the HTML content and the relevant graphics. It is a cheap, easy, effective and fast tool for static webpages building! As with all other programs some Continue reading