Controling styles for individual websites by adding extra classes to HTML tag

When working with CMS like Dynamicweb or Syncron VIA, you sometimes share stylesheet files across domains or subdomains. It makes sense to share common CSS codes when you want to some some common styles like fonts, colours or logos.   The same styles… almost… It is also common that some small differences exists on subdomains, Continue reading

Extend Object with method that handles CSS values in javascript

If you are working with CSS and need to for instance add or subtract a value to a CSS value like “15px” or “3em” this method “getCSSValueAndUnit()” will come in handy. Simply add the code somewhere in the top to extend the “Object” object.   The method is used as follows: "10px".getCSSValueAndUnit(); which will return Continue reading

Printing HTML pages, make screen and print appear the same.

When using external stylesheets on a webpage you can specify which “media” it should apply to. For instance see these lines: <link rel="stylesheet" href="Blueprint/screen.css" type="text/css" media="screen, projection" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="Blueprint/print.css" type="text/css" media="print" /> As you might allready have guessed the screen.css will be choosen for screen (read: browser) and projection mode. When printing the Continue reading

Introducing “Xara Designer Pro 7”, all you need to work with graphics!

Xara is the name of a British company which has been living in the shadow of Adobe for many years with its all-in-one graphics application. This version has been around since ARM was a custom chip running a desktop computer called Acorn Risc PC. Perhaps this is a good thing to relate to, as ARM Continue reading

Improvements in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, from a frontend webdevelopers point of view, part 1: javascript

Sometimes I have wondered just what the h**l they were thinking over at Microsoft: their flagship development tool just didn’t perform and deliver what you would expect from a tool of that caliber. That was before the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (VS 2010)! I will try to write about features in VS 2010 which makes Continue reading

Using jQuery UI, is it easy?

The javascript API jQuery is a very powerfull libray which have revolutionised the use of clientside javascript in browsers. Along the side of jQuery exists jQuery UI a library of strongly customizable widgets. It offers a wide range of “easy-to-implement” widgets for your website. I will try in this post to implement a datepicker and Continue reading