Notes from: Dynamicweb Webinar – Items based structure – sneak preview

My raw notes from the Dynamicweb webinar on 8th November about soon to be released item based content in Dynamicweb 8.2 – please understand that the notes are raw :-) Create using backend Automatic create table dbo.itemtype_event 1. Create using DB, usefull for importing data Name the table like: “ItemType_” + itemname, two required column Continue reading – Inspiration systematized

The famous Danish author Hans Christian Andersen said: "To travel is to live" in these times we travel whenever we browse the Internet. You will be inspired as web developer and as a person. This site is distinguished by having categorized inspirational websites.One can on the website "" (subtitle: “What are you working on?”) take Continue reading

Use <!–@ParagraphContainer–> to make paragraphs render different content depending on placement #Dynamicweb

With the Dynamicweb Layout system you define various content areas in the Layout file like this: Part of example layout template: <div id="left" class="dwcontent" title="Left content" settings="paragraph:left.html">We do not want module content here, for some strange reason</div><div id="main" class="dwcontent" title="Main content" settings="paragraph:main.html"></div><div id="right" class="dwcontent" title="Right content" settings="paragraph:right.html"></div>   This will create a three column page. Continue reading

YouSee lancerer deres live-tv, musik og film i een Adobe AIR baseret player!

Update:YouSee har lukket for denne app 12. marts 2013 Hvis man har YouSee som internetudbyder har man længe kunne høre og downloade musik, se live tv og købe film gennem en browser. Det har fungeret rigtig fint! Tv delen var flash video baseret så kvaliteten af videoen jo ikke var HD. Når man lejer film Continue reading

Apps vejen eller webapplikations vejen..?

Der er en del diskussion om hvilken vej der er den bedste – Apps vejen eller webapplikations vejen. Hvordan kan man få software bedst ud på iPhone, Android platformene? Jeg giver her mine overvejelser om dette valg: Skal man distribuere sit software som en app eller som en webapplikation (website). Det er mine personlige tanker Continue reading