Free makeUseOf online PDF Guides

The website offers many interesting posts and also som guides related various subjects. For instance: The facebook marketing guide. To get access to the guides you simply login to your facebook account and goto the Facebook page “Make Use Of” and press “I like”. Here is a list of some of other guides:

Avoiding the advertisement in MSN Live messenger, and many other places (browser for instance).

I don’t know how you feel about having tons and tons of advertisements showing at the bottom of your Windows Live Messenger client (WLM), but it annoys me. But don’t worrie help is on the way! I will give you a WLM specifik fix and a description to avoid many adds in your browser and Continue reading

Use Google Picasa to generate cool webgalleries using templates…

Google Picasa offers so much more than just viewing images on your PC and exporting them to a Google Webalbum. One of the cool ones is of template based webgallery generation. Exporting images using free templates can give your a twist making them very cool to watch. How does it work? Well you need ofcause Continue reading