Introducing “Xara Designer Pro 7”, all you need to work with graphics!

Xara is the name of a British company which has been living in the shadow of Adobe for many years with its all-in-one graphics application. This version has been around since ARM was a custom chip running a desktop computer called Acorn Risc PC. Perhaps this is a good thing to relate to, as ARM Continue reading

Embedding video on a website – help!!! It started off good at " – Free video tutorials by Lee Brimelow on the Flash Platform"

I simply want to embed video on my website!!! Okay  I maybe naive – though I would prefer to say “hopefull”. Goto-and-learn should be the right site for me as I rather desperat seek a simple free cross browser pattern to follow in my search for video embedded on a website! Time: 14:57  I enter Continue reading