Publish to your wordpress blog directly from Google Docs

This blog post is a converted Google Docs document, automatically posted to this blog using wordpress plugin. Read on… (The images from the original Google Doc is not here as the plugin at the current version does not support importing images). Sometimes as I work implementing websites my customers ask for a Blog. They may Continue reading

Test: jQSlickWrap jQuery plugin–wrapping text around irregular shapes

I think that it can look great if text flows around irregular shapes. Something which have been possibel for years on DTP (Desktop Publishing). We are getting the same effect here on the internet soon when CSS3 regions will be ready for release.   I have found and testet a jQuery plugin which in a Continue reading

Bind the checkbox checked status from one checkbox to other checkboxes using jQuery plugin “reflectStatusOn”

I have coded a simpel jQuery addIn/plug-in which will bind the checked status from checkboxes to others. Lets say that you have a rule saying that: If people choose football clubs in London area they should automatically get Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, QPR, Tottenham Hotspur and so on… Then the code might look like this: jQuery(‘#london’).reflectStatusOn(‘#Arsenal, Continue reading

“plugInReflector” a new jQuery plug-in targeted at using and implementing jQuery plug-ins

Many times I have tried to implement cool jQuery plug-ins and many times I have read the descriptions about all the options and settings for each and every plug-in. Sometimes many examples and good documentation exists, but in every case for a long time now I have had this idea to build a tool which Continue reading